Pelican Alien

You need a beat? He got a beat.


You tell us which beat sample you like, you drop $50 in this neat little Internet box, and the full beat is yours! Each beat will be sold a maximum of five times before it is archived, but if you want exclusive access to a beat (meaning no other artists ever get to touch it), a price of $200 gets you a nice, crispy .flac file. This includes custom beats, so don’t be afraid to hit up the contact form at the bottom of this page if none of these beats are quite your taste.


D00P (0/5)
Brain Detail (0/5)
Girthquake (0/5)
Body (0/5)
Trip (0/5)
Back. At. It. Attic. (0/5)
Swiingiing (0/5)
The Lute (0/5)
Bounce Back (0/5)
Wucked and Feared (0/5)

Email for any questions or requests

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